High Performance Oils

PennGrade 1® High Performance Oils are specifically designed for racing, classic, historic, vintage, hot rod and muscle car engines.

PennGrade 1® High Performance Oils are formulated with strong detergent, dispersants and ZDDP anti-wear additives. Protect critical engine parts from deposits in highly stressed engines. Over the life of your engine, they reduce internal friction, increase horsepower and provide excellent wear protection.

PennGrade 1® High Performance Oils has the right lubricants for:

  • Most 4-Stroke Engines
  • Dirt/Asphalt Oval Track Racing, Drag Racing, Sportbike, Drifting (Motorsport)
  • ATV’s, Snowmobiles, Jet Skis, Dune Buggies, Scooters, Kart Racing, Sand Rails, Mopeds, Mud / Swamp Buggies
  • Speedboat, Antique Boats, Airboats
  • Offshore Powerboat Racing
  • Classic, Vintage, Legacy, Historic, Muscle Car, Hot Rod Vehicles
  • Engine Building
  • Vintage Tractors
  • Cruiser Motorcycles
  • Flat/Tappet / Roller Cam Engines
  • Lawn & Garden Equipment, Power Tools, Generators
  • Pulling Tractors, Pulling Trucks
  • Motocross
  • Utility/UTV
  • … and more!

PennGrade 1® High Performance Oils

Engine Assembly Lubricant

Engine Assembly Lubricant

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