From PennGrade 1® for high performance vehicles to PennGrade® Motor Oil for the everyday driver, consumers equate the PennGrade brand with quality and performance.

Developed To Protect

PennGrade 1® High Performance Oils are specifically designed for Racing, Classic, Historic, Vintage, Hot Rod and Muscle Car engines. PennGrade 1® High Performance Oil “The Original Green Oil®” is the product engine builders, racers, classic car owners and manufacturers have come to know and trust for generations.

Reduced internal friction, strong anti-wear and increased horsepower. It delivers excellent shock load and temperature protection to engine parts, while providing:

  • Superior film strength and protection under demanding torque applications
  • Anti-foaming, stability and high temperature protection
  • Detergent and dispersant additives for engine cleanliness
  • Oxidation and foam inhibitors to protect against thermal degradation, air entrainment
High Performance Oils

PennGrade 1® High Performance Oils are specifically designed for racing, classic, historic, vintage, hot rod and muscle car engines.

Motorcycle Oils

The best motorcycle oils to keep your motorcycle running at peak performance. PennGrade 1® is the top pick for the best motorcycle oil for your bike.

Gear Lubricants

Prevent wear and oxidation formation with PennGrade 1® premiere gear lubricants. Plus get exclusive access to PennGrade 1® experts and customer service.

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