PennGrade 1®: The Origins of the Original Green Oil®

PennGrade 1®, “the original green oil,” comes from a long history of innovation and evolution. Our story began with Kendall GT-1 Racing Oil circa 1965 at the Kendall Refinery in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

Kendall GT-1 used the unique Pennsylvania-grade base oil cut in its formulations. Many famous racers, such as Big Daddy Don Garlits (Swamp Rat), Bruce Larson (USA-1), Kyle Petty and V (Vieri) Gaines used Kendall GT-1 to power their race cars to numerous world championships.

WITCO Corp. sold the Kendall Motor brand to Sunoco in 1997, and the refinery was sold to American Refining Group, Inc. . Shortly thereafter, Sunoco sold the Kendall brand to ConocoPhillips. ARG then started its own brand of motor oil called Brad Penn (short for Bradford, Pennsylvania). Around 2002, after racing enthusiasts inquired about a racing oil in the vein of Kendall GT-1, ARG launched Brad Penn PennGrade 1 High Performance Oil. And yes, the color was green just as the GT-1 was for all those years. This oil was an instant success with drag racers, hot rodders and oval track racers (both dirt and asphalt) as well as vintage, muscle and classic car enthusiasts. With the unique Pennsylvania-grade base oil and the enhanced zinc and phosphorus (ZDDP) package, the original green oil was back and better than ever!

Then in 2015, D-A Lubricant Company, Inc. acquired the Brad Penn Finished Lubes division from ARG and shortened the name of its flagship product to PennGrade 1. It’s the same great oil, just with a new brand and quart bottle.

This oil has been around 50-plus years for good reason. A multi-generational lubricant, PennGrade 1® stands for a long and continued history of pride, passion and protection.



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