Green Team

Meet the Green Team! With over 40 years of experience, PennGrade 1® consultants (and best buds) Nick Dixon and Ken Tyger have vast knowledge when it comes to oil. They’re here to tackle all of your hard-hitting questions, whether it’s about a specific type of product, additive or engine protection. They have you covered. Plus, you’ll get tips, tricks and tons of advice from these seasoned pros.

Just like PennGrade 1® “The Original Green Oil®,” Ken and Nick are often copied, but never duplicated. Learn from two of the best in the industry!


Listen to the Green Team, Ken and Nick, tell you what classic cars or vintage cars are best suited for PennGrade 1 oil!


Q & A with The PennGrade 1® Green Team and NHRA Racer “Nitro Joe” Morrison

Corvair Society of America Meet Up Featuring Ken Tyger


Methanol and Alcohol Engines

The Brad Penn/PennGrade 1 Story

Ken Tyger’s PRI Trade Show Presentation

How to Choose the Correct Viscosity of Oil for your Classic Vehicle

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