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The PennGrade 1® Legacy.

Based in Lebanon, Ind., our company has Indiana roots as deep as the traditions and values of the “Hoosier” state. The D-A Lubricant Company has been the proud manufacturer of quality lubricant products since 1919. Today, the D-A Lubricant Company includes the brands PennGrade®, PennGrade 1® as well as D-A Lubricants.

PennGrade® Motor Oil is built from the legacy of PennGrade 1® High Performance Motor Oil, or “The Original Green Oil®”. PennGrade 1® uses a unique base oil cut from Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil. The oil has a unique green color and the ability to stick and cling to metal parts, offering full film strength and prevent excess wear caused by dry startups. Its enhanced levels of zinc and phosphorous (ZDDP) protect vital engine components such as “flat tappet & roller cams”, and it has been the first choice of engine builders and automotive manufacturers for decades.

Performance Proven

While the name and look have changed, the performance you have come to know and trust has not. “The Original Green Oil®” is still alive and thriving. And our tests prove it.

Proof We Are The Original Green Oil® Competitive Analysis Report

PennGrade 1® Sponsorships

PennGrade 1® “The Original Green Oil®” is extremely proud to partner with the following: Vantine Nitro-Sports and Tom Fox Racing. PennGrade 1® has been successful in striving to elevate the brand and establishing credibility while building brand awareness and increasing reach for consumers, businesses and beyond.

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