Michael Duff
Washtenaw Community College
Ann Arbor, MI

I have been an Automotive Instructor for 16 years. Currently I am teaching at the college level. I race a 1966 Ford Mustang. The students in my class work with me to prepare the car for the track.  Shortly after switching to methanol we started to experience bearing failure. We started using Penn Grade 1® SAE 20W-50 High Performance Oil, to see if changing oil brands would help resolve the problem. No other changes were made. Once we made the switch to Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oil, we no longer had the bearing failures that had plagued us in the past. 

After our success with using the Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oil, we began sharing our findings with others who were experiencing the same bearing failure issues. Once they switched to Penn Grade 1® they had the same results as we did which saved us all a lot of time, money, and frustration! 

My students and I are very happy with the success we have had with the Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oil. It works great with Methanol fuels due to the superior qualities of the oil. We strongly recommend to anyone who has experienced the same issues we had with bearing failures. 


Michael Duff